Developer: BioXide (Christian Aguila) Based in Puerto Rico

Platform: PC only


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Mankind Reborn is a Cyberpunk Player Ran MMO-Shooter, 8 factions with unique background stories and gameplay features fight for control over the galaxy. Economy is completely ran by players, full-loot drop on death and skill-based combat. Players have the freedom of playing the way they want, if they want to be part of the government, a criminal, a mercenary, a miner or part of a corporation, each faction has its own set of leaders and high-command, which lead and create content for members of the faction. The players are given all the tools needed to create their own stories and shape the universe the way they see fit.

Game Features:

  • Persistent Universe. Your actions have a lasting effect within the game world, even when you log off.
  • Play How YOU Want. Factions are given the tools required to enjoy ultimate freedom and pursue their goals.
  • Player-Controlled Economy. Mankind Reborn features a completely player-controlled economy. Purchase from and sell to other players on the Global Markets or build a brand and start a shop. Every item in the game is made by another player.
  • Player vs. Player. Enjoy a hardcore, addicting combat system where every second counts and full open PVP combat creates consequences that ripple throughout the game. Whether you can kill your enemy however is up to you.
  • Player vs. Environment. Fight against adept machines or Xenos as they threaten Mankind.
  • Political Desires. The game features a complex government system where anyone can rise the ranks and even become President of the Terran Union.
  • Top-Notch Graphics. Unreal Engine offers a wide variety of graphical options, allowing us to create beautiful environments for you.


Mankind Reborn

Team & Repeating Collaborator

BioXide Lead Developer

Necidious Community Manager

Jord Level Designer

Lou Level Designer

-=RedDoom=- Developer

Kwisatz Haderach Game Designer

Manlosa Web Developer

fleming API Developer

BrassofArgos Game Writer

Chip Lawrie Game Writer

RadishGamma Game Writer

Fickey Lead Forum Moderator

Sef Deka Concept Artist

White Noise Wave Sound Artist

Capseaslug Graphic Artist