Mankind Reborn

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The Game

Mankind Reborn is a cyberpunk first- and third-person MMO set in the near future, eight player-run factions are locked in endless galactic strife of commerce, intrigue and warfare… each vying to secure their own legacy amongst the stars.

Combat is entirely skill-based, with full-loot on death rewarding those who master the art of war; however, every aspect of Mankind Reborn is player-driven, from the factions themselves to the economy, government and more. Will you forge your destiny as an interstellar entrepreneur, a mercenary whose loyalty lies solely to the highest bidder, or a faction leader at the helm of the next chapter in mankind’s errant journey?

Economic domination, brutal conflicts and constant politicking shifts the lines of battle daily, factional feuds can last generations and megacorporations fund high tech low life in this dystopian sandbox experience. Where will you end up?


The Universe

Distant colonies provide lucrative opportunities for the right person whilst many prefer the safety of Earth under the watchful eye of the CPC. Quantum Gate Technology provides instantaneous transit to any point connected to the QG network and is the cornerstone of interstellar travel.



Play The Way You Want

Players write their own story, starting out in one of the eight factions, their actions and decisions help shape the face of Mankind Reborn.

A detailed economic system provides the backbone for mining, production and manufacture fueling conflict and player greed at every turn, factions resort to uneasy alliances, or outright war, over mineral shortages and the distant threat of hostile lifeforms challenges ancient ideas of loyalty to faction or loyalty to mankind.



Universe And Economy

Built on the powerful Unreal Engine and utilizing SpatialOS, Mankind Reborn goes beyond a single dedicated server instance, allowing for bigger worlds and more players on screen.

Blockchain integration allows players to exchange assets and currency between games built on the 8Circuit Studios Blockchain Platform.