Development Update #1

Hi guys!

Oh, it’s been a very, very busy weekend for us! The whole team has been working nonstop, putting in excellent work. We thought it’s about time to release our very first development update.

Here’s what we have done just this weekend — a substantial amount of work has been done concerning stackable items. While storages are still a work in progress, item stacking is working nicely on the player inventory. Not only that, but there’s been a LOT of bug-fixing and improvements to specific under-the-hood mechanics. We have also successfully implemented the male and female models which we will be using for our upcoming play-test next month and updated the armor system so that it fits the new models. As for animations for these models, we will have a few ready for use during said play-test! We’ve got you covered.

Our game writers have also been quite busy. After hours of thinking, pulling hairs and flipping tables – we have decided to go with the following names for our factions. Everything fits so well together and we can’t wait for you guys to read up on all the tasty lore we’ve come up with. We’re working on the background stories for these factions. Anyways, the factions are as follows:

  • Civil Protection Commission (POLICE)
  • Terran Defence Corps (MILITARY)
  • Followers of Eternity (ANARCHISTS)
  • North Star Mining (MINING CORPORATION)
  • Military Affiliation Group* (PRIVATE MILITARY COMPANY)
  • The Syndicate* (CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE)

Though we are still not 100% sure about The Syndicate, so suggestions for the faction are still more than welcome!

Here are a couple of in-game testing screenshots, enjoy: