Development Update #2


We’re back with our second development update. One of the most major changes since our last update is the fact we now have Jord on the team who’s already working hard designing and blocking out layouts for one of the 20 maps planned, namely the Union City Riversidemap, so this update will mostly revolve around map design. The map itself will include:

  • Shopping Area
  • Nightclub
  • Bars
  • Market
  • Museum (maybe)
  • Apartments
  • First Aid/Medical Area
  • Implant Shop

Union City Riverside will be on Earth and will have a dark, neon-like but fairly relaxed theme. Sometimes called the Leisure District, Riverside is bright with neon signs. The district should be several streets lined with shops and bars and strip joints and clubs. Should be a busy, relaxed vibe, but with an undercurrent of violence. A river should border one end of the district with the more upmarket shops closer to the river.

Here’s a sneak preview of the map’s layout. Keep in mind that the map is merely a layout, so don’t expect to see beautiful scenes or anything:

BioXide hasn’t been sitting still either, though! After adding and fixing a bunch of stuff, we were successful in packaging a build without any errors, so that’s good. Oh, here’s a list of what’s been added and fixed!

  • Sprinting mechanics are properly working alongside animations
  • Fixed issues regarding auto weapons where the fire-rate would get stuck
  • Added mechanics to prevent the player from shooting around corners using the camera
  • Increased hit sounds on players
  • Fixed numerous bugs related to sprinting with a weapon and other movement mechanics
  • Adjusted weapon/item values
  • Various other small bug fixes[*]Added the first implementation of first person camera