Development Update #3


We have prepared a few goodies for you to see. Today we’re focusing mostly on the Cloning Facility that Jord has been working on lately and the character management web-portal. The past week both Buske and Manlosa have been working tirelessly on the login system for Mankind Reborn to work as well as the Vortex Access web portal. The web portal can be used for various things, such as; viewing your in-game wallet, name, character details and even your in-game mail. Everything is still a work in progress so it is still subject to change.

BioXide has been working on networking fixes for most of the time in regards to the crouching system. This is in preparation for the combat testing build we’re going to be organizing next month, so that everything shows up correctly no matter how far the distance is between you and another player. The issue was that if someone would crouch, another player would see you half-clipped through ground floor, but thankfully it should be relatively easy to fix, so no worries there!

He also worked on a “Join in Progress”, so that the players who join the server will see your correct state/armor/weapons.

And now, the cloning facility! As we really need a fully functional cloning facility to be ready for use, Jord started working on it right after we released the teaser for Union City Riverside. While he didn’t yet have the required assets yet when creating and designing Union City Riverside — he does now and boy, does the cloning facility look pretty already! We have also designed custom cloning tubes which we can use for the level, though it is yet to receive proper texturing and the level proper lightening.

Keep in mind that everything is subject to change and nothing is set in stone. These are very early WIP images! Enjoy!