Development Update #4

Hey guys,

Today we’ve returned with our fourth developer’s blog and boy, is it a good one! Firstly, right off the bat, we would like to apologize for the long wait, but after reading this blog you’ll know deep down that is was completely worth it. We haven’t sat still during this time! As most of you have probably already noticed, we have a bunch of new people on our staff team who’re eager to work on Mankind Reborn, and it really shows. For instance, @capseaslug has only been part of the team for less than a week and finished his complete redesign of the game’s user interface, along with a new game logo and an icon for the game’s application and designed the in-game icons for various resources. All of which are now implemented within the game!

As you can see in the picture above, almost everything has changed, though the map is still a work in progress. It also provides a glimpse of the new, higher tier armor we are about to fully implement as an item. The map itself is just but a small preview of what you can expect to see on the maps @Jord and @Lou will have in store for you. The text tabs on the chat interface can be changed afterwards.

As for resources, any mining buffs out here? Cap has done an amazing job designing the icons for various types of resources as Bioxide tramples the economy mechanics like a crazed rhino on steroids! They sure look awesome.

We have also successfully implemented some of the mining mechanics. For instance, all types of resources will now randomly spawn at locations we chose in advance. Players will have to shoot at the resources in order to harvest them by focusing their laser beam at the resource itself for a few seconds, though restricting constant fire by implementing an overheat mechanic. Rare resources will yield more than the common ones, of course. The mining tool looks pretty and is working properly.

On to the next subject! @BioXide fully implemented the first person aspect along with the anticipated melee mechanics, two new player models and a complete reimplementation of our animations, and everything is working accordingly. Excited?! Have a look at the images below.

Here are a few GIFs!

Did someone say.. melee mechanics?!

Or.. walking animations?

Or new loading animations?!

Or new running animations??! What?!

Okay, you can stop now! :eek:


Here are two images of our new player models! :)


The images speak for themselves, really. The whole team hasn’t been sitting still — at all. In fact, we have been working daily on Mankind Reborn and will continue to do so. Heck, Bioxide has been clocking 12 hours daily and I’m not too sure if it’s healthy, poor Bioxide.. but I digress! I’m sure a lot of you are also wondering when more faction backstories will see release, and I can safely say that it won’t take long anymore. @Chip Lawrie is wrapping up the Avalon Enterprises backstory and the other remaining ones while @capseaslug designs the faction logos. All in all, it has been a very rewarding week and we hope you continue your support, it is greatly appreciated. Below is a small extra: our new icon for the game’s application.