Development Update #9

Aliens! Aliens! ALIEEEENS!

That’s right! In this development update, we’ll show off our brand new alien implementation and its lore. It’s undoubtedly one of the most anticipated features of the game as it’s a steady supplier of action and adrenaline. It’s also the top solo content we will be implementing, so it’s something we absolutely want to get right for you! While the intention was to limit aliens to the planet Getha, we’re currently experimenting with them on Aurora. At the moment, they are pretty bareboned — they respond by charging toward the player when they’re being shot at, when you’re simply too close or when they hear gunshots in the distance. They will even run away and hide when they’re on low health! When killed, they’ll be dropping crafting materials. They’re definitely not to be trifled with!

The past month we’ve been perfecting our development pipeline and workflow. Although it may not seem as important, it really is, as it allows the entire team to work more efficiently. For instance, we have completely automated the way we handle dev builds. Every single night, a new development build in which changes were made gets uploaded to Steam, ready for a new day of testing.

Some of you may have already noticed a part of this improvement, namely, the introduction of our small, experienced QA-team who are working tirelessly to discover exploits and bugs in Mankind Reborn. We’re proud to say that because of this addition, it has enabled us to solve numerous bugs and severely improve build stability overall.

Another critical topic we would like to announce is that we will be attending E3 in June. As a result, we will be organizing a testing session for all donators starting from 10-14th of June so we can show off the game to passersby. During this testing session, you will get to experience how our aliens will function in the game and access to a new planet to fight them! We currently have two types of aliens you can fight as shown in the video down below.

In addition to all that, we’d like to announce our newest, and last, faction — Oda Zaibatsu. Not so long after this development update is posted, we’ll be opening up the faction forums which will allow the community to accurately organize.

Last but not least, we’re releasing our currency lore. This has been available for quite some time already to donators, it’s time to fully release it to the masses! It is worth mentioning that every single bit of Union Creditsyou’re carrying on your character will drop on death and can be traded — better to deposit your hard earned cash in your bank account or apartment safe, isn’t it? If you’re scared, however, you can purchase items directly from your bank account for an extra fee. We hope you like it! :)


Below are two videos we’ve recorded while testing our alien implementation. Videos speak louder than words, right? Let us know what you think in the discussion thread! Do keep in mind that this is an early implementation!​


Some sick screenshots.. please refresh if you do not see anything below. Click to enlarge!



  • Added damage camera shake
  • Added ammo merging
  • Added voice FX announcements
  • Added our first iteration of Aliens
  • Added free-look camera
  • Added fall damage
  • Improvements to UI usability
  • Adjustments to the economy
  • Fixed production
  • Backend optimizations and bug fixes
  • Lots of other fixes


In the decades since humanity first set eyes on a solar system that was not our own, we have encountered several examples of non-terrestrial life forms. From the famous drop bears of New Avalon and the wolf-squirrels of New Terra to many lesser-known bacteria and insectoids. The word alien, however, conjures up only two images in the minds of the average Union citizen, the enigmatic and probably extinct “Builders of Aurora” and the frightening menace of the Gethan Bugs.

Getha’s ‘Bugs’ are actually reptilian in nature, though their appearance and caste system tends to remind Terran-born humans of nightmarish tales of giant insects. The ‘Bugs’ are born into a caste at birth, the exact nature of how the caste is determined is unknown and hotly debated in scientific circles with some seeing the fact that the ‘hive’ produces more of the castes it needs in response to external events as a sign of adaptive intelligence. Bugs fall into three general castes: worker, warrior and royal, each with their own respective subgroups. One of the great scientific mysteries of the Bug species is how despite such diverse physiology they remain fundamentally genetically similar enough to be considered one species.

Castes and Subspecies:


The worker caste is the most diverse of the three castes and has the primary function of collecting food and resources for the hive.​

Varanus Gethori Operariensis 
The Gethori Operariensis is the most common of the worker caste and the Bug most often encountered by the average citizen of the Union. Often the first subspecies birthed by a new Queen, the Gethori Operariensis gather resources and produce the materials to build the hive. While generally passive, Gethori Operariensis can become aggressive within the hive or when near the warrior caste and their bites are mildly acidic.

Veranus Gethori Alesensis
The Gethori Alesensis fulfills many of the same roles of the Gethori Operariensis within the hive albeit with more maneuverability and speed. Due to their ability to fly it also appears that hives which produce Gethori Alesensis use them as advanced scouts and sentries.

Varanus Gethori Parensis
The Gethori Parensis carries and places eggs for the hive. Armed with a powerful stinger and a neurotoxin that stuns, confuses and disorientates, the Gethori Parensis is fierce in the protection of its eggs but tends to flee rather than fight.

The warrior caste is devoted to protecting the hive and is rarely seen far beyond the hive’s bounds and it is usually the presence of the warrior caste, in varying frequency, that TDC and CorpSec patrols know that they’ve entered ‘hive territory’.​

Varanus Gethori Militensis
While dangerous alone, it is in packs that Gethori Militensis become a true threat to humans, able both to engage at distance with a spitting attack and, in close quarters, rend bone with ease through powerful bites afforded by its menacing mandibles. Gethori Militensis take the concerted efforts of well-armed combatants to take down. The Gethori Militensis is the primary offensive and defensive unit of most hives.

Varanus Gethori Armensis
Gethori Armensis are the heaviest Bug subtype observed as part of the warrior, not royal, caste. Their tough armor and long tentacles make them a terror for light patrols and a hazard for even squads in power armor. It is unknown what causes the birth of new Gethori Armensis, but theorists believe that hives must be first of a certain size and then suffer significant attack for Gethori Armensis to be birthed. Gethori Armensis are mainly deployed by hives defensively due to their large size and lack of mobility.

The royal caste is the key to the hive, giving birth to the other castes and some scientists believe directing the actions of the hive with a malevolent intelligence.​

Veranus Gethori Reginensis 
The Gethori Reginensis (aka Queen) is often found at the center of a hive giving birth to new Bugs and occasionally laying other Queens which eventually mature and migrate to form their own hives. It is thought that if Gethan Bug ‘society’ wasn’t interrupted by humans Getha would eventually turn in to a patchwork of hives all conflicting over resources – an outcome that some politicians believe would be preferable than allowing Getha to remain connected in any way to Earth.

Money, Money, Money!


When the Union was formed in 2098, the first Union Yuan was minted. Set based on the value of the combined currency reserves of the founding corporations the Union Yuan served admirably as a new-age currency, performing well against the existing AAF Credit and the ailing Euro. As the various Wars of Unification dragged on the founders realized that the Union Yuan was slowly becoming worthless as less and less of the world still utilized a localized currency from which to weigh the Union Yuan against. Ergo, the original solution to allow the various regions of Earth to continue minting separate currencies was impractical, at best, and led to rampant inflation. In 2132 the Council had enough which gave birth to a new universal currency for the Union in its ever-expanding entirety which they called the Union Credit. The Union Credit was based on a resource that the Union controlled exclusively: electricity production. One Credit is equivalent to precisely 20kWh, though this is subject to change, the Union Central Bank monitors currency usage and inflation very carefully.

As well as the Union Credit two other currencies exist in the Union.

The first of these is not really a currency per se but a collection of currencies known as Scrip. Originally devised by the “Big Three” corporations, Scrip was a way to issue a currency to their employees that could only be used to purchase items from the issuing corporation. While the idea of paying employees entirely in Scrip was blocked by the Council almost all of the factions continue to issue some form of Scrip to their members. Scrip’s leverage against the Union Credit is far-reaching and even influences criminal enterprises such the fabled Syndicate and the insurrectionist Followers of Eternity.

The second is Service Points. Shortly after the Union’s founding, the Council sought a way to reward founders, citizens, and subjects who served the Union in some way above and beyond what was expected of their station. Almost immediately the political implications of a ‘currency for the worthy’ was realized, and the control of the currency (and what could be purchased with it) was placed in the control of a third party agency. This so-called Service Agency still exists today thanks to several generous benefactors throughout the years; however, the methods it chooses to award Service Points are shrouded in mystery, occasionally a citizen or founder might receive an email notifying them that Service Points have been awarded and directing them to the Service Agency website so that they may redeem their points for whatever may be on offer.