Development Update #12

Hello Citizens,

Today is the day we will finally reveal the reason why it has been so quiet on our end for the past two months. In this month’s development blog, we’ll cover a few topics that are quite substantial. The team was hard at work developing and improving key mechanics; such as player customization, AI implementation, the implementation of clothing, and more! Rest assured, you will not be disappointed.

There’s also an improved loot system implemented, which allows us to create multiple loot tables and attach them to containers or AI, this system is very flexible and gives us a lot of power over every item that drops in the game.

We have made notable headway in terms of completing the melee mechanics, along with its respective animations, consequently, we have a collection of distinct melee weapons implemented right now — fully functional. It’s currently thoroughly being tested by our internal quality-assurance team.

BioXide has been crunching like a madman on our new character customization mechanics. As mentioned before, our end-goal is to provide as much player customization as possible, so that you can create your very own, unique characters the way you want. And since the system currently permits it, we are anticipating a lot of.. amusing and bizarre looking characters. What we have done here is build out a firm framework on which we can expand upon in the future. We hope you like what we have so far.

We have been developing a basic implementation of AI in the game, too. Thus, you can expect drones and mechanical patrol bots to roam the game world. At this moment, they will zealously attack anyone in the event of someone unholstering a firearm. Keep in mind them having lethal weapons will be only temporary as we don’t have a crime and jail system implemented. Also, we have placed a few gargantuan bosses on Aurora who already demonstrated to be quite challenging to kill. You will unquestionably require a crew of hardened fighters before confronting this monstrosity! We can’t wait to see how the community teams up against Ficke- I mean, this beast during an upcoming testing session.


The HUD and general game UI is in the process of getting a complete facelift to bring the aesthetic across all functions in the game to a unified look and feel. Tremendous time is going to into making sure it not only looks clean, but it also functions well from a usability standpoint allowing the game to take center stage. We have also included a loading screen down below. These will be added over time and will also provide tiny details, hints, and tips about the game.

In addition to that, Khimarra has been working tirelessly on modeling a collection of implants for the game. These are initial previews and may conceivably change depending on various circumstances. Do not pay attention to the textures too much as they may change in the future. All implants will tie in perfectly within the game’s theme and atmosphere. They’ve also been implemented into the game and are currently functional, although the implant system itself is still being developed, but you can wear them like armor for stats, some areas of clothing also has been implemented, you can now wear multiple headgears and we’ll be expanding shortly to the rest of the clothing parts.

All in all, it has been a very productive two months and we can’t wait for you to see what more we have in store over the couple next months. We apologize for the delay once more, but we’ve been so busy with implementing tons of new mechanics and features, that we simply couldn’t decide on what to show and what to hold back for another development update. Either way, we sincerely hope you liked this one and we’ll see you back next month! :)