Crime Snapshot System

Crime Snapshot system is moving rather quickly, already have most of the core code implemented with some good networking behind it as well, snapshots are created on the server when a crime is committed, players will only have access to the snapshots when they have a scanner implant that’s currently active, it creates a bubble around the player that allows the client to receive the snapshot data from the server, in theory there can be hundreds of snapshots around you, but you won’t receive that networking data, lots of technical jargon, but let’s just say it’s very well optimized for networking.

Players with a scanner implant can scan the snapshot to reveal the crime data, they can download that data to an item that retains all the crime information, they can then upload this data to a CPC terminal which holds a database of the latest committed crimes, CPC can then penalize the crime instigators based on this data, “crime watch” deployables can read the snapshots if they’re in line of sight and penalize the players automatically.

Here’s a small test with some made up data, UI is still pretty rough, wip:

This system should hopefully allow both automated PP assignment and investigative gameplay to flourish, playing on that police fantasy while also being backed up by actual gameplay systems, as crime data can be used for court trials and not just made up Ice in Cup RP™