Development Update #20 We have implemented new weapons into the game and will keep expanding on the arsenal. Some older weapon models have been updated as well. Certain UI elements have been overhauled, such as item icons, action bar, and equipment, item slots now include a durability bar on the right side to allow easy visibility of … Read more

Development Update #19 Hello Citizens, As usual, each development update takes longer and longer, but during the last 6 months, a lot has been done and we’re excited to show the progress. It was meant to be primarily about the territory system, but it branched out into pretty much every other system in the game, which is … Read more

Development Update #18

Hello Citizens, I feel like every development blog is taking longer and longer to come out, but lately, I’ve been using the leaks channel in discord to show all the new stuff that’s been worked on, plus with the amount of work I’ve done recently to get the game where it is now and preparing … Read more

Development Update #17

Hello Citizens, Apologies for the long wait, these past few months were quite intense, my game development job scaled its production cycle and I’ve been pouring a lot more hours into that, also went through a pretty bad burnout phase around October-November, while IRL things just crept ontop of all that, plus the stress of … Read more

Development Update #16

Hello Citizens, For over 3 months I’ve been silently crunching away this update and finally, it’s time to share it with the community. I know that our previous developer updates haven’t been as exciting as you’d like, so I felt the need and the burning desire to work on something big that would surely start … Read more

Development Update #14

Hello Citizens, It’s been an eventful two months for us. As you may or may not know, a week or so ago we began interviewing and selecting a variety of people to fill faction leadership positions. Overall, the community engagement was quite overwhelming as a lot of people decided to give it a go and … Read more

Development Update #13

​ Hello citizens, I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years and holiday. It’s been a while since we have last done one of these, for which I genuinely apologize. These last two months, we have profoundly concentrated on level design (specifically Mars), the implementation of security barriers, game lore, teleporters, throwables, and our psionic … Read more

Development Update #12

Hello Citizens, Today is the day we will finally reveal the reason why it has been so quiet on our end for the past two months. In this month’s development blog, we’ll cover a few topics that are quite substantial. The team was hard at work developing and improving key mechanics; such as player customization, … Read more

Development Update #11

Hello Citizens, To start off, I would like to apologize for the delay. Some of the staff were on a well-deserved vacation, including me… so things have been rather slow regarding showing off content and such… But, no fear! Over the past two months, we have made significant progress in terms of game art, overall … Read more